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Custom Window Sticker Design Services

Sample Template
Sample template
Custom window sticker designs.

Looking for a customized window sticker template for your dealership? Perhaps you want a design that encorporates your corporate logo and color scheme. Or perhaps you want custom text on your window sticker to be a part of the design. Make your dealership stand out from the crowd. WindowSticker.us provides design services to create a window sticker template to your specific needs.

Our standard rate is $100 for a customized design. We take your requirements for logos, text, and design and create a preview template for your approval. Once we've secured your final approval of the design your custom window sticker will be assigned to your personal account, meaning it will only be available to your dealership.

Our designs are delivered as high resolution vector-based PDFs. We've had customers blow up the sticker design to use as window posters and lobby placards. Please contact us for references to our design services.

Email us for further details.

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